"It's about time a children's clothing company had a sense of humor." - Wolfgang Masterson

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Cool Clothing for Your Baby!

Yes, we are an underground fun operation keeping your baby looking like a bad ass in our cool baby clothes. No baby has ever looked so cute or so cool when pooping in their onesie. Free Baby Sign Language E-book, complimentary parenting tips from the experts, and of course The Baddest Punk Baby Clothes Ever To Be Spit Up On. 100% American Made Cool Baby ClothesFuture Skaters, Rock & Roll Band Aids, Punk Rock Mother Suckers, and compulsive diaper devils welcome home. Lil Poopie Nation wants YOU!

Punk baby clothes? Got you covered. Cool baby onesies? We got your back. Cute Baby Tutus? Done. 100% American Made baby clothing for your cool Lil Skaters and Lil Punks? Who's got your back? Lil Poopie Nation! Thank you for supporting our Badass (and cute!) American Made Baby Clothing Line! Remember: "The Diaper Is Half Full... Not Half Empty!"